The Concept

Your life matters, so pay attention to it.

You wake up, glance at your phone, skip breakfast, and start your day. Just like that, life happens. Before you know it, you've watched every season of Game of Thrones, filled your YouTube history with cat videos, and purchased clothing from a dozen different brands all promising to make you happy. Incredible.

But what if you chose not to let life happen to you? What if you decided to approach life with eyes wide open? Step by step, bit by bit, you could become something incredible, something really worth being.

What We Do

Help you notice the everyday actions that shape the person you are becoming.

So, it's about living consciously. 

And that requires some conscious thinking.

Read on and you'll find articles on Stoicism, Batman, Psychology, and much more--all designed to help you improve your everyday life.

Because that's what this is about, ultimately: Helping you become somebody worth being.

Getting Involved

Because it isn't just about what we have to offer.

Such a huge part of what we do is made possible by you, the reader.

But you don't have to just be a reader--you could write for us too!

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We look forward to hearing from you!